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  • HR-Designs Marketplace FAQ



    1) Stripe charges a 2.9% + 30¢ processing fee per transaction. We try and cover this our best by charging customers a 6% sales tax on purchases. 

    2) Hosting your product sales also requires hosting our website, and that costs money. We charge a 5% fee on every purchase made within the marketplace. This fee helps cover expenses and additional fees associated with hosting your product. We strive to provide the lowest fees within the GTA development community, and make efforts daily to lower the cost of hosting. This fee will NEVER go up, but may go down over time.

    3) All Payouts are sent through PayPal through their goods & services gateway.

    4) All payment commissions are directly sent to your account in the form of credit. Credit can be exchanged for money (USD) every 5 days through our payout system. To request a payout, please visit https://hr-designs.xyz/clients/credit/

    5) Any payout resulting in charges over $600 will automatically be reported to the United States IRS, and may require you to provide us with your tax id at the time of withdrawal.


    1) Any and all parties uploading paid content to our systems agrees that they are (in their residing state) of legal age to do so. We are constantly checking and monitoring activity relating to illegal and unauthorized use of our platform, and will take down and ban and illegal use of this platform.

    2) All standard policy's and procedures still apply and can be found here.

    3) Any and all issue regarding payments, downloads, payouts, etc. can be resolved by opening a ticket here, and chatting with a representative.


    The following information should be taken into consideration when requesting withdrawals on your account:

    1) Withdrawals can be requested every 5 days. Due to stripe processing time, we will not acknowledge any withdrawals prior to that period. Any request made on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays will be delivered the following Tuesday.

    2) Any withdrawals over 100 dollars requires a verified PayPal account due to PayPal security protection.

    3) Withdrawals are given out in batches. When a withdrawal is requested, and stripe funds are released, the payment will directly hit your PayPal balance within 12 hours (same day).

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